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The beauty of life is that there is no such thing as a rewind. Every moment counts and every moment only ever happens once. Photography is crafting stories and capturing life. Photography allows us to save and share our memories for generations to come. I want to you to be able to have fun and experience your engagement and wedding to the fullest.

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Most Importantly why

My proposal captured by my friend and fellow photographer Nick Lie

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What could be better than spending time with the one you love and having it captured in memory forever. Whether it's a destination engagement or wedding. We love adventure and the challenge of something new. At the core, my goal is to make sure you have a great time. Not only remember in memory but through photographs. 

epic adventures


First of all thank you for stopping by! A bit about me, I am a freelance photographer based in Southern California. I have always loved and appreciated all forms of art. I started my photography career in 2010 and I have been crafting stories and capturing precious moments ever since.

I feel blessed and honored every time I am entrusted to capture a special moment or event. I have been lucky enough to work with and be mentored by some great photographers and covered some amazing events across the United States and internationally. My background in photography has included covering college sports, NBA basketball, the Special Olympics, countless weddings, food & product photography and over thousands of professional headshots. I'm also the photographer for HP's gaming division Omen and HyperX.

Who I Am:

"Time is our most valuable currency, you can never save it, but you can absolutely capture it."

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